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"Wu Qin Xi Qi Gong" or "5 Animals Play" is a dynamic and fun set of exercises, which can bring you lots of benefits.

The Tiger builds Power
The Deer creates a healthy and strong flexible Spine
The Monkey nurtures an agile Mind
The Bear strengthens the Hips and Shoulders
The Bird improves Balance

Each animal has a clear and specific focus. This clarity is what makes it easier to understand and learn than other sets of exercises.

5 Animals Qi Gong is a very versatile set and can be easily adapted to anyone's needs.

“I gladly support you because I know you put out high quality work and it’s more than worth it.

I like it. It’s very well produced, I like the style.”   

-Joschka, Germany

You can use these exercises

  • to help you relax and quiet down your mind
  • to warm up and/or cool down for other activities, such as martial arts
  • to improve joint flexibility/mobility
  • to activate and strengthen specific muscle groups
  • to work out in a limited space
  • to find mental and physical balance
  • to improve your body to better perform other activities
  • ....

“We love the Monkey exercises. Congratulations. It’s fantastic.”

- Amparo Spain

“The videos are very well done, very didactic.”

- Sergi, Spain

Our program contains well over an hour of professionally filmed and edited footage that is organized into 8 separate videos in HD1080 for you to locate easily what you want to find. 

“One detail, for example, that I think works really well for me is the no talking approach. It helps focusing. Back and Front view is an excellent idea too.”

- Pedro UK

During the Cultural Revolution China lost a lot of its traditional practices. 

But, luckily our version of 5 Animals Play predates this and this valuable knowledge was brought over to Taiwan, where it has been carefully passed on until today.

Now you can learn this Pre-Cultural Revolution version of "Wu Qin Xi Qi Gong" through our Online Program

“Johan, I just watched it.

It’s incredible, I like it a lot.

It’s so visual that it’s not necesary to know any English.

Even the background I like.

I love it. This has to reach a lot of people.”

- Tamara Spain

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